Day 3: Bunyip & butterfly

I don’t feel much like writing this evening, so I’ll leave it mostly to the pictures.

This is my bunyip, a way to measure differences in elevation. It uses a water-filled tube. Because the water level is always the same at both ends, you can figure out how much higher one stick is than the other.


A standard bunyip, if you google it, is a two-person tool. I am only one person. So I modified. I used broom handles and sharpened the ends so I can stick them in the ground. I have to use a sledgehammer to get the end into that hard red clay I mentioned before. This system involves a lot of walking back and forth. I need to get a belt to carry the sledge.

If you’re going to make one of these, here’s a tip: I used 1/4 inch tubing because it was cheaper than 1/2 inch and I wanted 60 feet of it (15 cents instead of 29 cents per foot). Also thought 60 feet of 1/2 tube full of water would be awful heavy. The 1/4 inch tubing works okay but was hard to fill with water (couldn’t use a funnel, had to siphon) and it tends to get a lot of bubbles in the ends. And it takes a bit of time for the levels to equalize. I probably made the right choice for this application, but for a shorter-length bunyip I’d suggest 1/2 inch tube.

I’m using the bunyip to flag two-foot contours in the areas that will be permaculture zones 1 through 3 (house, veg gardens, and food forest/windbreak). The slopes are gentle so the contours are mostly 50-plus feet apart, and I have to measure them in two parts. Because the bunyip is so time consuming to use (all that walking), I’m just finding and flagging one point for the level of each contour line and will use an A-frame level, probably, to do the rest of the work. Which I haven’t built yet.

In the course of all that walking I made some new plant and bug friends!






Also today I heard a hawk (didn’t see it), and heard another bird with a funny call I don’t think I’ve ever heard before. I think it was yelling at me. And I saw three birds, one robin size and two wren size. Also there was a white butterfly! And cattle grazing at the far NW corner of my property. Also, I’ve seen what looks like bunny poop and fox poop. I didn’t take pictures.

This evening got very windy. I made supper in a dutch oven in the bean hole and burned it good. Need practice.

I’ve been sad today, slept long last night and mostly have worked and read in the truck today. I feel like I’m in an inner- reworking process. Maybe I’m calming down.

Here’s a closer look at those pretty flowers.


Good night, God bless.


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