Back home

Had to go to town for a few days, which took longer than expected – but I got to visit the Butterfly Wonderland, and had a little adventure fixing the Toyota – stories I’ll tell another time.

Now, I’m happy to be back for the long haul. I’m here, I figure, at least till the end of the month, just will need to go out for water and mulch materials. Today I started building my outdoor shower, and took another reconnaissance walk around the land – but mostly have been in the truck, sending out the news about my leaving Reevis. So a sad day, with some fear about this separation process, but fun also, because so many of my friends are happy for me. (Also, I posted to my other blog,

First thing this morning I figured out how to use a chisel to make mortises:


This is for the base of my shower. It’s fun to do but a bit tedious, so I’m rationing the work (have to do eight mortises, two for each corner) to maximize the fun.

I found some new plants today! I’ve been identifying some of the ones I found before, and soon will post a “plants” page with pictures and IDs. For now, check out these new nameless ones:




This is the center of it – looks like it’s going to bloom!


There are only a few prickly pears, and they look like this:


Prickliest prickly pears I’ve ever seen! The ones that weren’t prickly enough probably got et.

Also found some holes, like this one:


And this complex:


From the size of the holes you would think it’s a large animal, but there are poops all over this complex that are quite small, like large rat poops. Interesting.

Also sighted today: a velvet ant (about 3/4 to 1 inch long, scarlet red and fuzzy), and a little white spider with a huge abdomen who lives in a teensy hole right next to my new poop, er, fertility hole. I did not see my bird friends today.

Things happen pretty slow here, I’m noticing. I spend a lot of time walking over the land, observing, envisioning, planning. That’s okay.


One thought on “Back home

  1. It’s much better just to observe for a while, than rushing in. You learn more about your place and how it all functions and how you want to set things up and you make less mistakes.

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