This landscape


… I wish I could tell you how it makes my heart sing. It’s Chopin and Mozart and the Beatles and Beethoven all at once.

I’ve been scared of making decisions, afraid to make mistakes – but today was the day. I moved the water barrel to its new home, between the water harvester and the food forest. (I like to talk about these things as if they already existed. ‘Cause they do.) Tomorrow, the water harvester (ground-level collector) – chance of rain in the evening!

Started making a spoon. Went to town for water and drill bits. Did laundry.

Thank you all my friends, for supporting and encouraging me in this dream.


2 thoughts on “This landscape

  1. When we look back at places where we have invested so much of ourselves and grown something that we are proud of, they all started off as dreams that we manifested through love, determination, hard work and Magic.

    • Herongrace, thank you for all your comments … it sounds like you have been in this place and I so appreciate your understanding and encouragement.

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