Happy day

Yesterday was an in-the-truck day – windy and dusty, with gusts up to 50 mph and a spattering of rain at sunset. I hid out in the back of the truck and read Gaia’s Garden and The Cricket in Times Square (one of my favorite books when I was little) and a few Padgett messages. I’m thinking of posting a Padgett message each day on a Facebook page, to give me more reason to read one each day, and as a service if it would be helpful to anyone. Maybe.

The day dawned clear and still, and I woke at daybreak and got to see the orange sun climb up and over the edge of the earth. The day stayed calm and warm, and so many things came along to delight me …

– The two twitter-birds that chase each other between the juniper trees all day long, twittering like crazy – I don’t know if they’re playing, or courting, or mad at each other, but it’s so fun to watch. They scream long just above the grass and then they’ll rise up to juniper-top level and suddenly calm down and float there. Then they’re at it again. They’re white on the bottom and gray on top. Someday I’ll get a good enough look to identify them.

– Finally made a commitment – selected a spot to start growing things, and started to dig a hole for an olla! There is a natural berm just west of the future food forest, and I’ve started making a basin at the foot of this berm, and the basin will have an olla in the center. Eventually there will be more basins, the beginning of the windbreak. Next week I’ll sheet mulch around the olla with cardboard, cow poop, and straw, and see what happens. An experiment. It’s the same sand-on-clay, no evident life in the soil … I’m hoping-trusting that water and mulch will coax some life into it.

(It was tremendously exciting to find out there’s a woman manufacturing ollas in Texas, and Four Winds nurseries carry them. I’ve been interested in trying ollas and had had a hard time finding them. drippingspringsollas.com)

– HORNY TOAD! He was so beautiful, with white spots and black spots and orange spots and big dinosaury spikes. He was also the biggest horny toad I ever saw, about five inches long. We sat and studied each other quite a while. I didn’t pick him up because, I figure we’re going to be neighbors, and I didn’t want to start off on the wrong foot. I believe this is the largest land animal I’ve seen here so far.

– And one more thing, but I’ll save it for tomorrow!

Sorry no pix of all this. Tomorrow. But just for the sake of photography, here’s another unidentified plant friend:


and, okay, a horrible selfie that’s just meant to show I really did cut my hair …


I had to, it was ridiculous out here, with the wind and not being able to wash it, it felt like a monster attached to my head.


3 thoughts on “Happy day

  1. Good going, cutting the monster loose! Honestly, your newfound freedom is, today, a vicarious thrill. Makes me yearn more for my own… stepping out, while Soulfully cheering you on!!

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