A change

Quick recap of today’s events:


If you were in this situation, all alone in the middle of a landscape like this, with just a truck for shelter, what is the first thing you would build? Is this the bones of …

A) a private loo
B) a private stand-up changing room
C) an interstellar transporter
D) … a hot shower!

So today I got the coldest and windiest shower ever, but the one with the best view ever!

I’m thinking a little deck surround … a little bench … and planning my showers for the calm part of the day.

I pushed to get this built partly for cleanliness but partly in order to mount the pipe bender onto it, so I can start the hoophouse. I have about 40 seedlings living in the front seat of the truck now, and I’m sure they’ll be a lot happier in their own home.



Here’s mister horny toad! I begged him to stay till I could get a picture … while my phone booted up we chatted a bit and then he started to move – but he moved toward me! Such an honor. He seems as curious about me as I am about him. So here is a portrait of my handsome neighbor, perhaps considering the wisdom of climbing aboard my palm.


I’m quite tired from all the tromping back and forth from the truck to the shower site on the other side of the property. Tomorrow might be a rest-in-the-truck day.

But there’s something else that needs attention … I feel changed today, better able to focus on what’s most important and feel more sincerely into some things that I have been skimming over. My mediumship is not very developed, but I felt that a spirit who’d been sort of along for the ride in my life, left this morning. I feel quieter and more solemn now … possibly she was with me because we both were lonely and wanted to avoid a lot.

Yesterday I had been thinking, is the desire for independence an injury? I don’t feel so – I feel God made us to be independent beings, that’s what we’re here on earth to learn to be, partly. Independent and loving. When I left Reevis someone told me that I was choosing a selfish, lonely life. I just don’t feel so … I feel independence is a virtue and can’t be overdone, and it is a prerequisite for lovingness, not an obstacle to it. I mean real independence and self-actualization, not withdrawnness or, obviously, superiority.

So, whichever way the cause and effect worked (do I feel more sincere because Casey left, or did she leave because I became more sincere?), now I feel more apt and able to be quiet in myself and look into things. Which is what I might spend the rest of this evening, and tomorrow, doing.


3 thoughts on “A change

  1. Feels to me like you’re on the right track, For Sure, Ms. Gaining Independence. Can’t help but wonder — who’s Casey? (I’m happy to wonder, btw, indefinitely… :- ),

    • Oh, I meant that spirit, I think her name is Casey. Names are hard, though.

      Thank you! I feel like I’m on a good track, too. Lots churning this morning.

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