I’m away from the land now, taking care of town business and on my way to Reevis to help out there and build my yurpee (to be put up on the land). After that I’ll be visiting friends and family in New Mexico and Texas.

In all, I’ll be away for about three weeks. I will miss my friends – the larks and the horny toad and the white butterflies. And the olla. It feels like a living thing to me. I set up a hose to keep the olla full while I’m away, on a very slow drip – I hope it works. One of those little ground-level frustrations – I tried using black irrigation hose but could not get the connector clamps tight enough to be watertight. So had to resort to Plan B, garden hoses. They’re about ten times as expensive, and I’m concerned that – because they’re bright green – the cows might try to chew on them, as they tried to eat my bright green contouring flags. (I kept finding them pulled out of the ground and lying nearby, all wrinkled.) So please, if you are the praying type, say a prayer for my olla.

I will probably not post here while I’m away, but will be focusing on other writing – my novel, laying the foundations for magazine writing, and my blogs at One Year to a Writing Career and thebutterfly.

See you when I get back!



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