Sunchoke sprout

Picture worth a thousand words:

I’m back, after a month away. There’s been no rain, but the olla seems to be working! I left it on a drip from a barrel that had about 15 gallons in it.

(BTW, the black pipe there is just for show – nonfunctional. It was superseded by garden hose, which feeds into the olla.)

See the little visitor? (It’s a pinacate beetle.) And there is scat next to the mulch, as well (off screen), and some of the mulch looks like it’s been moved. If the olla is attracting wildlife, I like that, too.

However, as it looks as though something might be eating the shoots, I might decide to put a little fence around it.

I’m here for about a week this time, planning improvements to the watering system, rebuilding the shower (which toppled while I was away), and installing the experimental water harvester I’ve mentioned before. Perhaps also I’ll build a work table, a sturdy and well anchored one that won’t fly away in 60-mph winds.

Then back to Reevis to construct my yurpee. The wood’s all cut, and I started the carpentry last week, but because I’m learning carpentry in the process, it’s slow going. Hope to have it in place up here before the summer rains begin.