yurpee raising

I’m back on the land, with materials – and muscles, I hope – to raise my yurpee!

I was away the entire month of June, visiting family in Texas and building the yurpee’s parts down at Peter Bigfoot’s place.

The yurpee in embryo – back in November.

After transporting the panels to here, I finished sewing the canvas roof at another friend’s place, and then picked up additional materials on the trip up here.

Now all is in readiness, and if the weather cooperates sufficiently, I’ll have a roof over my head by this weekend.

The site.

I’ll post the story with pictures as it progresses.

But what is a yurpee, you ask?

Watch and see!


4 thoughts on “yurpee raising

    • Thank you, Linda! If today is any indication, it might take longer than I’d like – but that’s okay. I’m learning that things have their own laws of physics and will happen in their own way and speed.

  1. Happy to see you are back, and way looking forward to seeing what you come up with, Yurpee-wise! Thanks Trish!!
    There’s some talk of building structures on Robin’s property in Texas, hopefully starting something this fall. Maybe you’ll teach us how to build a yurpee (in your spare time?!:-),

    • Hi Julie! Thank you! I’m not even thinking about the fall yet – at least, trying not to – but I hope it includes meeting you in person. Plenty to do here in the meantime!

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