I’m back on the land, and so happy to be. The weather is warm in the afternoons (mid 90s) – I lie down on the floor in the yurpee, the only place that’s comfortable – but it’s cool in the mornings, windless and peaceful. Some afternoons cloud up, and sometimes there’s rain. In fact, it took me three days to drive in last week, because an inch of rain had fallen in one storm. It rained three days in a row. This is El Nino, and it’s made the whole region greener than I’ve ever seen it.

After spending a day at the Canelo Project (Bill & Athena Steen) earlier this summer, I’m super excited to build a teensy straw house – just one small room, with a loft – a solid shelter where I can work (edit and write), and space to unpack some of my things that have been stored under tarps for the past year. Building it will also give me practice with the skills of building with straw.

Meanwhile, I’ve been writing. Dark Mountain 8, which is soon to appear, will include a little essay I wrote about building the yurpee, and I’ve written a short profile of Peter Bigfoot as “pioneer urban farmer” that I’m told will appear in Greg Peterson/Urban Farm‘s August newsletter.

I’m also writing online, and intend to do more so as my internet access allows. I’m going to focus this here blog on the natural building and permaculture work that I do at Somewhere. I’m posting items of another nature, such as little essays and book reviews, at – Toze Weaver being the name I’ve chosen to write under. (Weaver is my mother’s maiden name; Toze is a longer story.)

I’m having some tech trouble here at the St. Johns Public Library (I think they’ve blocked Dropbox!), but will post pictures, and further details, when I log on at the end of the week.


5 thoughts on “August

  1. Glad to see you back. I was wondering how you were coming along. It will be wonderful to have a space you can call home.
    Winter here. Glorious weather and I am busily trying to prepare for our Summer onslaught of heat, dry conditions and fire risks.
    Birds are busily nesting.
    Good luck with your writing!

    • Thanks, stevenally! It’s quite an honor to participate in the Dark Mountain Project – though I feel this particular piece was chosen less for the quality of my writing than for the fact that it fits the theme (“techne”).

  2. 2/13/17 I sit in the Sonoran national monument,vwondering what to do. Cochise county? Apache or Navajo? Maybe coconino or the Mohave… Cochise, border problems, SNAKES, but milder weather, but snakes…And my dogs… Not a good mix. So I started search the st. John area again. Everytime I drove through it always felt like a moon base, nothing there… I come across your blog, and you breathe life into such a desolate place, for I have looked at your area many times and you are in that flat open space below the interstate… You have to be very special to take that land on, especially by yourself . I was wondering if you are still there. Would like to talk. I’m not a creep. I got two dogs,and looking for a place that all can be happy. I just had to back out of a deal for 46 acres in Missouri due to allergies. Lost quite a bit of money. I cannot afford to keep making bad decisions. Should I purchase it would be nice to have a friend in the county!

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