Update & 2015 plans

I haven’t posted since last summer – about time for an update, for the five or six people who follow this blog! Hello!

I’m writing from Texas, where I’m staying with my mother for the winter – sheltering while also helping her during recovery from her shoulder surgery last month. I need a place to be for the winter; she needs someone to cook, help her dress, and run errands. I’ll be here till mid-April, probably.

2014 recap: In the spring/summer I built my little yurpee and experimented with using an olla to create a fertility cell. After that, I had very little time at Somewhere. In late August I went to New Mexico for two months, then came back in October and again in November, briefly. I made some small improvements to the yurpee and, ever optimistic, sowed seeds in the orchard basin: buckwheat, pinto beans, yarrow, clover. Also, in a trench that runs from the road to the basin, wild roses (hips gathered in the Pecos). And a couple of peach pits!

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Why no well

I am SO glad you asked about why I don’t want a well (although you may be sorry you did!). Because I’ve been meaning to look into the details of the water situation here, and your question gave me the impetus to do that today.

The short answer is sustainability – just having heard little bits about the global water situation – I’m not an expert. Or maybe it’s not even that, it’s just a feeling I have that what falls out of the sky ought to be enough, if we’re wise, and that using more is a kind of profligacy.

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