first things first

flag the contours of the main food forest/zones 1-3 area to help envisioning & planning and to guide swale-making
– make a bunyip level (check!)
– make an A-frame level

start developing water harvesting/storage/distribution system
– install ground-level rainfall collector
– install first storage cistern
– install irrigation out to phase 1 of the windbreak
– experiment with ollas (traditional clay pot irrigation)

start growing a windbreak upwind of the main food forest/zones 1-3 area
– decide on site, orientation, and proportions/profile of first swale (center of windbreak, to work outward from there)
– shape swale, install irrigation, and put down mulch
– plant & nurture groundcovers and pioneer plants, and also sunchokes for quick windscreen (pray they will grow!)
– build a low hoophouse
– start growing windbreak shrubs and trees under the hoophouse, for planting next year

establish temporary shelter & food production for myself
– build a solar-heated shower
– build a small yurpee (yurt/teepee)
– grow food plants in containers under the hoophouse

learn more and more about permaculture, my land, and loving principles

preview of next moves

– install more ground-level rainfall collectors, if workable
– build roof of future house for rainfall collection purposes
– expand outward from center of windbreak, swaling/irrigating/mulching/planting
– start plants under hoophouses for future planting out
– begin preparing garden for growing my own food next year (sheet mulched)


One thought on “plans

  1. Nothing we Sags enjoy more than our own spread of land and a big project on a big canvas.
    Couple of tips: you can easily grow water chestnuts in cleaned out large paint tins or plastic buckets. 2 in each container will spread out to quite a lot and they are very filling.
    Low tech shower. Set up a canvas or plastic shower bucket to a pole or tree. Put 1 or 2 buckets of water to sit in a warm place, on dirt or flat stone, paver in sun. Too easy!
    Also easy to grow some herbs, vegies in polystyrine boxes.

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