I am here to make a home for myself and at the same time to give some lovin’ to an abused and degraded piece of land. I learned from being at Reevis (www.reevismountain.org) how a thing can blossom when it’s given loving energy and attention. I want to give that kind of attention and energy (service, love) now to this place and to myself.

From learning about the principles of creating loving ecosystems and those of permaculture, I am convinced that this land can be green and lively again. I don’t think it’s complicated or that hard. It’s just like nurturing any living thing – you find out what it needs and give it that. I think this lands needs to have the rainfall not just run off it, and to be sheltered from the winds that are constant in the springtime. It needs relief from grazing, needs the soil to be revived, and needs living things growing on it. It needs to be understood, looked at and listened to, given what it requires for life, and protected until it recovers a bit … it needs love.

I hope in ten or twenty years Somewhere will be an example, an inspiration. That would be great.

For myself, this a place for me to engage a fascination and passion I have discovered for exploring my relationship with land and living creatures, and at the same time a place for prayer, self-reflection, learning about love, and nurturing my soul. I want to learn to live in harmony with Divine Love and Truth, as well as with this beautiful Earth God made for us, and find out what happens the more I do that. I want to learn about God, myself, and Love, and see how far I can grow in faith in all of those.

I named Somewhere after the West Side Story song, which has moved me ever since I was a kid:

There’s a place for us
Somewhere a place for us
Peace and quiet and open air
Wait for us
Somewhere …
We’ll find a new way of living
We’ll find a way of forgiving …


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