the land

“Somewhere” is forty acres of rangeland located in northeastern Arizona, east of the Petrified Forest, on the southern edge of the Colorado Plateau.

Elevation: 5800′

USDA planting zone: 6A/B.

Temperature: The record low is -39F and the record high is 104F. Generally, summer highs are around 90F, and the average winter low is about -4.5F.

Precipitation: annual average 11 in, varies from 3 to 19 inches annually. The wettest months are July and August. Springtime tends to be dry.

Soil: Clovis sandy loam, with a region of clay at the NW corner

Terrain: gently rolling, falling to the southwest, with an average slope of 2-3 percent, varying locally from level to 6 percent. Approximately one third of the land (the western third) is roughly level.

From March to June a steady wind blows almost constantly from the southwest, with gusts up to 60 mph.

A dirt road and barbed wire fence cross the property from east to west about 200 feet north of the southern property line. Range law forbids removing the existing fence, although it would be legal for me to fence all or part of my land or to move the existing fence to the property line (I don’t plan to). The land is currently being grazed by cattle, on both sides of the existing fence.

Ground water is said to be found at 200 to 300 feet. I do not intend to have a well, but to harvest rainwater and use permaculture principles to do as much as possible with the water that is harvested.

The land is currently predominated by grasses and woody shrubs; there are a few scattered junipers, 8-10 feet high.

I purchased the land for $300 per acre in October 2013.


5 thoughts on “the land

  1. Well the beauty of having a blank canvas is you can devise a fab, well designed permaculture plan and literally build from the ground up. Endless possibilities, but great you can work with what you’ve got, not trying to force it into something unnatural.

  2. Greetings! Thank you so much for blogging about your experience, your efforts are very close to my heart. I wonder, why the decision against a well?

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